First digital

Sooo I thought this was cute. These are my very first digital sketches (sophomore year highschool so...4 years ago), done on my then girlfriend's wacom graphire. And they're just as bad as my very first drawings ever, which I'm sure my mom has saved in a file somewhere in one of the piles back home. I remember drawing people as giant wobbly heads, with arm/hands sticking out of the ears and leg/feet sticking out of the jaw, and big wobbly glasses. (my parents usually, they're both blind) They looked so horrible, but I just didn't give a shit because I was a kid. Those were the days...

Am I too young to be missing old things already?


CoitusClan said...

you had a girlfriend?

Vaughan Ling said...

Yea Nora. Me not single is a crazy thought, huh