Mood painting final

Done. I think I overlit this scene, and it loses some depth because of that. Anyway, here it is.

BTW is this too dark for you guys? It's super dark on one monitor and normal on my other one.


Zack Stephanchick said...

looks fine darkness-wise

i agree, i think it's overlit now.

seems like you're kinda inbetween your original wip and the last one you posted. and it's not really workin like that. i'd go one way or the other.

Timothy Mann said...

The darkness is ok, the lighted areas all have a similar degree of lightness Pick some focal points (primary, secondary, tertiary) and adjust from there.

stephensanity said...

hey I'm glad you found the review helpful. I wrote it for myself not really thinking it would be useful to someone else, so im glad you could get something out of it too.

I'd love to get a review from you about your semester at ccs too!..while im here at accd im always wondering on what i'm missing out on at ccs.

Vaughan Ling said...

Thanks for the crit guys. I kind of screwed myself into this predicament with all the light emitting objects in this scene. I'm considering it a lost cause, but at least I can say I learned something valuable from this mistake.

Jon Russell said...

idk man I think its pretty cool... the original was just a little more dramatic. but i think as a final piece this one is better. and im glad you added detail to the guy.