Soldier mood painting progress

Another few hours in :/ Taking my dear sweet time. The previous composition had some serious perspective problems...I'm not quite sure if I solved them this time. Threw in some metal and rubber textures for the soldier. It should be finished by tomorrow...depending on how lazy I feel.

PS: 240z is almost roadworthy. It's got a muffler, two working headlights, 6 firing cylinders, 2 locking doors and hatch!! All it needs now is holes drilled for the mirrors, brake booster and registration (plus a million little odds and ends)
My dad stole the camera for the weekend but I should have some video soon.


Zack Stephanchick said...

i dunno man

i like what you did with the guy

but i think you lost a lot of the drama by cutting that bright light / figure from the background

Jon Russell said...

I kind of agree with Zack... I do like the detail on the guy though

Craig | Hamilton™ said...

Very nicely done.

Perhaps enlighten the containment shell with inner lights, like its behind glass. Maybe a few figures or objects in the foreground, to illustrate scale. You might get some play from the theme.

Its fabolouso :D