Soldier mood paint WIP

This is a painting *in progress for a project from winter break. (cell phone tactical 3rd person game)

I met up with Laz the other day and we were marinating in our fruitless attempts at making money doing art this summer. I'm working for free, as Laz knows, it's tough finding conceptart freelance work that actually pays :/


Zack Stephanchick said...


definitely feelin the mood

lookin forward to the final

Lazaro Gamio said...

Vaughan, nice lighting.

Also, great use of the word "marinating"

Lazaro Gamio said...

and btw, it took 3-4 hrs.

Vaughan Ling said...

Why thank you.

Nice time...I gotto work on getting these to a reasonable length.

gousmanov vadim said...