Let yourself Feel

Really beautiful particle effects in this one, colors, everything. It speaks for itself.
by Esteban Diácono LinkedIn, Personal Website

let yourself feel. from Esteban Diácono on Vimeo.

When I Grow Up from Fever Ray on Vimeo.


3ds max

My futile attempts at polygon modeling.

Reference: L96A1 sniper rifle

This is an ice cream cone based melee weapon I'm building for a polycount.com modeling workshop.


Silver Wing

Here's another concept based off the "centurion" a few posts ago. The client liked the spec ops (lighter armor) version and wanted to see separate version based off of that.

And now it's story time...nighty night.


Sad cowboy

Cowboys are always either jolly or angry or gay. So here's a sad cowboy for a change.


Brainstorming the TAXI way

neat link on brainstorming techniques.

and a pointless but crazy animation


Centurion final

Finished. I'm enjoying this "out of my comfort zone" work. It takes alot longer to figure out stuff like hands and feet for me. Cars feel so simple compared to characters, even with made up anatomy...

Bad car anatomy is less noticeable than bad people/creature anatomy.

Anyway, I've been looking at this thing for the past 3 days. You guys have fresh eyes, any crits?

heavier revision for client

Centurion progress

Another 2 hours in



Some concept work for a WW2 fiction novel. (the Yamato airship one)


getting closer...

I have a small vacuum leak between carbies and manifold. Replacing that should solve my lean condition. Anyway this is how it sounds as of now.

240z L28 idle and rev from Vaughan Ling on Vimeo.

And Nan introduced me Pchat today, a chatroom you draw in, good for collaborations supposedly.



My Z is still running much too lean :/. ugh.

Cream puff dreams for now...



I gotto stop rendering every single sketch I do... :/



District 9

!!!!!!!!!!!!Concept art heaven!!!! A MA ZING designs, animation, sounds, effects. The whole package, and even a decent story too. I don't want to give any spoilers but lets just say making the sound effects for certain "deaths" must have been fun.

88% rotten tomatoes you have to see this!


LM San fran

Sketch for the new Local motors competition. Its supposed to be an electric style shooting brake.



I found an old book about illustration and graphic design in my garage. It made me really glad to be from the future. Millions of interchangeable pen tips, toxic markers, meticulous masking and airbrushing by hand....ugh. Anyway, one artist that stuck out to me was Edmund Dulac, who illustrated books such as Arabian Nights and the Little Mermaid. The lines and colors are beautiful and his style is awesomely Art Nouveau.

Mood painting final

Done. I think I overlit this scene, and it loses some depth because of that. Anyway, here it is.

BTW is this too dark for you guys? It's super dark on one monitor and normal on my other one.


itouch airport

Sitting in the car outside of Mia till I got kicked out

itouch airport2

Sitting at Mia arrivals waiting for dad. He showed up right as I was gonna populate with cars.

Soldier mood painting progress

Another few hours in :/ Taking my dear sweet time. The previous composition had some serious perspective problems...I'm not quite sure if I solved them this time. Threw in some metal and rubber textures for the soldier. It should be finished by tomorrow...depending on how lazy I feel.

PS: 240z is almost roadworthy. It's got a muffler, two working headlights, 6 firing cylinders, 2 locking doors and hatch!! All it needs now is holes drilled for the mirrors, brake booster and registration (plus a million little odds and ends)
My dad stole the camera for the weekend but I should have some video soon.


Soldier mood paint WIP

This is a painting *in progress for a project from winter break. (cell phone tactical 3rd person game)

I met up with Laz the other day and we were marinating in our fruitless attempts at making money doing art this summer. I'm working for free, as Laz knows, it's tough finding conceptart freelance work that actually pays :/