New project

I noticed that my portfolio is less than half cars....odd. So I've started a personal project I've been wanting to do for a while. Art Nouveau car. It's tough trying to get this highly ornate aesthetic into a car without being too cheesy. So far it's all gestural, but I can't wait to get into the details.

So far I like this one more, but it feels a bit lazy/gooey to me.

And this one feels too aggressive and busy.

What do you think?


Thomas Zenteno said...

I've been wanting to do something with Art nouveau for a while... I think you should push the side view of it try and get the flow of the lines, Maybe even mess with a few symetrical studies?. Is it going to be a luxury car?

Jon Russell said...

I like the top one a lot... I don't think it looks too gooey or w/e. I just think maybe the DLO could not be so swoopy but that might kill the flow of that line.

Mason said...

yeah maybe some more flow to it, and I like the raw sketch a lot more then the render

D-Zine said...

i like the bottom one alot. the model has cool proportion, surfaces...idont know about

Vaughan Ling said...

Thomas - Yea something romantic and excessive I think. I'll try some side views..and was thinking asymmetrical too..depends on how lazy I am. Thanks for the input.

Jon - I tried a more pinchy graphic for the dlo. It's not as art nouveau, a bit of a compromise O guess.

Thanks for the input guys I'll keep posting sketches.